• Frame for the shingle mill – the frame has cracked and is being held together with clamps. The part of the frame that is cracked needs to be held together with metal plates and bolts.

Ox cart bed – The ox cart, built by wagon wright, Otis Fernald, in 1847, tells the story of the removal of saw dust from the mill site throughout the its history. It was pulled by beasts of burden, a team of horses or oxen, until Jesse cut off its tongue to pull the cart with his John Deere tractor. The bed of the cart needs to be carefully restored.

• Bolter machine – the bolter machine was used to cut bolts of wood. It is one the early machines used at the mill.

• Clapboard machine – This machine quarter saws 4’ clapboards. The frame needs to be replaced.

Blacksmith hearth – In the original Blacksmith shop the hearth was built into a corner of the shop. Once rebuilt, the restored bellows can be installed to heat the coals.

Window in the long shed – a three light window is ready to be installed in the long shed on the south west wall.

Conveyor – The conveyor ran from a transfer box in the tail race and to bring saw dust up and into the sawdust shed. This restoration project includes attaching wooden sides and top with a metal covering so it can be removed from the mill building and put in place from the back of the sawdust shed to a granite support at the edge of the tail race.

Sawdust shed – Work on the sawdust shed has be ongoing with the wood skirt being applied to the south side, new window sashes made, and lexan installed over the several openings to protect the building from water infiltration. A skirt needs to be added to the north side of the building and steps and platform installed to give access to the interior of the shed.

If interested in helping with any of the above projects call Marilyn at 583-6455.