Our Vision


Scribner’s Mill is to be an accurately reconstructed saw mill, powered by water using early technology to produce wood products. Once operational, the mill will be open to the public to demonstrate the antique machinery and the products produced from its early beginnings in 1847 through 1962.

When restored to its original operation, the flutter and tub wheels will operate a sash saw, the log haul-in wheel, and the “great circular dagon” (a cut off saw which cut stock to length). The mill additions will hold the machinery which was introduced as the mill’s product line expanded, such as the manufacture of shingles, lathe turned handles, dry barrels, clapboards, and shook.

When restored, the mill is to operate from early April through November with the capability of producing wood products for the restoration specialty market. These materials will be unique in that they will be produced on authentic machinery and be suitable for museum quality restorations.

The mill will be used as an educational center to teach the life and times of an early family operated lumbering business. Local high schools and forestry colleges will be encouraged to use our site for course instruction and internships.

There will be programs, throughout the season, to draw tourists and local residents to the site. Scribner’s Mill Preservation, Inc. will use the all income derived from the mill’s operation to maintain and continue the operation of the mill. It will be used to support a multiple use site featuring the historical mill and homestead in its natural environment, for public viewing, recreation, and historic interpretation.